How Supportive Housing Works
Start with 211!

If you or someone you know is homeless or looking for immediate housing, you should call 211. Dial 3, then 1.  You will be interviewed and referred to the agency or program that best fits your needs. You may be scheduled for an intake meeting in the city of your choice.  At the intake meeting you can be connected to the local resources that best fit your situation.  Please be patient!  Sometimes you are on hold for some time at the 211 Help Line.  But I tried it myself, and once they picked up, the professional staff at 211 were super helpful.

If you are scheduled for an intake or assessment meeting, show up!  If you miss your appointment, everything comes to a halt and you have to call for a new appointment.  There are loads of different resources designed to help people get back on track which the worker will go over with you at your appointment.

Important notice!  St. Vincent de Paul does not enroll people in housing programs.  That must be done by the 211 system.  Once the assessment is done, an appropriate agency will be assigned based on the needs of the individual and his or her circumstances.

What is ‘Supportive Housing?’

Supportive Housing is a program that provides housing for certain individuals that have suffered pervasive homelessness.  It is only one type of housing support.  Individuals must have a documented disabling condition and fall into a high risk group.  We currently support about 80 such formerly homeless individuals in apartments throughout Middletown.

Our housing team provides comprehensive support which begins before a lease is secured.  Once an apartment is found, a client goes through a tenant orientation to include landlord/tenant communication skills, housekeeping, fire and security, safety, non-violent approaches to conflict resolution, budgeting, shopping, and food preparation.  Services may also include transportation to and from medical and mental health appointments, addiction services, recovery support and harm reduction.

“Is this bed really mine?”

There is almost nothing more rewarding than seeing the expression on a formerly homeless person’s face when they walk into an apartment for the first time.  Their own apartment.  There’s a certain uncertainty about it – almost disbelief.  Then the emotions of gratitude take over.

If you or your organization want to help furnish an apartment for a neighbor, call Kellie Robbins, Sr. Case Manager at 860-344-0097, x-122.  She will put you on the list to be called when we have found an apartment for someone, and know what we need.  We do not take furniture donations and store them – we don’t have the space.  We have to call when there is a need.

If you’d like to assemble a “Welcome Home” basket that would be great too!  Welcome Home baskets contain things like detergent, linens, shower curtains and kitchen supplies. To get a complete list of Welcome Home basket content, call Kellie Robbins at 860-344-0097  X-122.

Thank you for your support, for doing good in our community and for giving people in need a place to call home that feels like a home.