We prepare and serve fresh healthy food in bulk every day to those in need

  • Fresh Produce: apples, bananas, oranges, any fresh fruit you like! Lettuce, tomatoes, cukes for our salad bar!

  • Butter, Cream cheese, yogurts, cottage cheese-large containers are great!!

  • Plain Grits (not instant), Oatmeal (not instant),

  • Family or larger sizes of Ranch or Italian Dressing, olive oil, fresh garlic.

Donations can be dropped off anytime between 7am-2pm. There is a door on the left hand side of the building to the kitchen, alternatively, there is a designated “Drop Off” parking spot in the front of the building and someone can assist if needed. Better yet-order from our Amazon wish list and have it delivered to us directly!

We offer hot house made meals consisting of a lean protein, vegetable, and whole grain starch or potatoes. Our Soup Kitchen is unique in that we also offer a fresh Salad Bar daily with several varieties of healthy offerings: fresh veggies, whole grain salads, eggs, tuna, or chicken, cheeses and Ranch or Vinaigrette-style dressing. Lemonade, Ice Tea or spring water is also available. Guests are given their choice of sandwich at the end of their lunch as their 3rd meal of the day.

Sunday meals are provided 5-6 pm courtesy of local community church groups.

The Basics

We prepare from scratch a healthy breakfast often times consisting of eggs (some from our chickens out back!), hot grits or oatmeal, cold high fiber, low sugar cereals, fresh milk, wheat toast, bagels, biscuits, fresh or low sugar canned fruit, yogurt or cottage cheese.

Coffee, tea, hot cocoa and 100% fruit juice are also available. Breakfast is served 8:30-10:30 Monday-Saturday.

A Soup Kitchen with much more than food on the menu.

Meet Lisa Metz, Food Service Manager

She runs one of the friendliest and most welcoming soup kitchens that you will ever experience.  Restaurant quality dishes and balanced nutrition are just the beginning.  She gets to know each member of our community, making sure that the opportunity for a better life is within reach for our guests.

Interested in Volunteering?

Shifts are available Monday-Saturday in 3 and 6 hour increments. The breakfast shift 8am-11am, the lunch shift 11am-2pm or the full day shift 8am-2pm. Saturdays fill up quickly so be sure to reserve your spot! Sunday night dinners are covered by church volunteers. If you need Community Service hours, please indicate on your enrollment form.

After you have enrolled, if you require further assistance please contact Lisa@svdmiddletown.org or 860-344-0097 x118