Community Assistance Programs at SVDM

  • Utility Assistance – Our mission is to prevent shut offs, to help reinstate electricity to families that has already been shut off, or arrange for a delivery of oil, wood, propane or gas to address a temporary financial crisis.

  • Referrals – Our Outreach Team meets with guests at 617 Main Street to see where we can be helpful.  Referrals may include referrals for medical assessment, mental health or addiction services, referrals for shelter/housing, for grocery assistance, even for clothing!

  • Rental Assistance – a thorough assessment of a situation may call for a loan to cover a shortage in a security deposit or part of a month’s rent.  These funds originate in Middletown’s Faith Community.  Funds are then distributed by trained SVDM staff, and recipients sign an agreement to repay SVDM once the emergency which created the need is over and once recipients have the ability to repay.

For information about our Community Assistance Program, or to apply for assistance, Contract:

Kim Giannetti, Director of Finance

860-344-0097  Ext 114