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Stock Our Shelves!  (SOS)

This is where you find out what the AMAZING GRACE food pantry really needs!  It is also where you, your family, your place of business, church, school or social group can get involved!  This program is about one community – our community. Signing up for the Stock our Shelves program means picking something that the food pantry needs, and agreeing to provide a specific amount of that item every month throughout the year.  Can you or your family or group bring 20 cans of baked beans every month?  Are you a large group that could bring 100 cans? That’s for you to figure out.

Check out the list of needs below or download it here.  Then CLICK HERE to download the enrollment form, fill it out, fax it or scan and email it, and get started today!  You’ll be helping a hungry family right here in our community!

Like shopping on-line?  All of the items listed below can also be purchased on Amazon and sent directly to our doorstep!!  Click Here for a link to AMAZON’s SVDM wish list!