St. Vincent de Paul Middletown's CAP Program

CAP stands for Community Assistance Program. Unlike all of our other programs, this program helps to mitigate family emergencies of all kinds.  Here are some recent examples:

July, 2022 – A Vietnam era veteran was referred to us by a local church.  He is disabled and living on a small fixed income.  His car, a ten year old Jeep, had been basically reliable and in good shape, but needed a starter and a fuel pump.  A garage quoted him over $1000 for the job, which he did not have.  One of his neighbors, a mechanic by trade, offered to install the needed parts for $100.  We researched the parts, ordered and delivered them to his home, wrote a check to the mechanic, and this man’s wife is really happy that he is back on the road again, seeing friends.  Cost to CAP fund?  Under $500.

March 2022 – A local family of six all survive a fire that destroys their rented home and all of their clothing.  The clothing bank had just $20 in vouchers in it that day.  We purchased $200 in free clothing vouchers from Goodwill for $160, and the whole family was able to make a    special trip to Goodwill to pick out clothing that they are comfortable wearing while they sort out small things together – like where to live.

August 2022 – A man who was discharged from Middlesex Health (Hospital), homeless except for his pick-up truck, found that his truck had been towed to the impound yard.  A social worker from Middlesex Health called us to see if we could share in the expense of getting this man’s transportation/home back in his care, while she worked out housing over a longer term.  Four community partners shared the expense – SVDM’s CAP contribution was to negotiate with and pay the towing company and then arrange for a wonderful, family owned local garage to fix the truck to make it safe. Other community partners split the repair bill.  Cost to CAP fund, $450.

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