“So money is so tight right now.  We’d like to participate in Giving Tuesday, but how can we?”

  1. Take action!  Have you looked in your closet lately?  There are clothes in there that you aren’t going to wear any more!.  Clean out your closet, place those clothes in a bag, and get them ready to donate to Goodwill.

  2. Next:  Email Peter@SVDMiddletown.org and request a donation card. Fill it out and bring the clothes to Goodwill with the card.

  3. Goodwill will send St. Vincent de Paul Middletown vouchers for free clothing that we distribute to agencies in the community who look after at risk families in need of clothing.

  4. Your donated clothing becomes free clothing for people right here in this community – clothing that people pick for themselves, helping them to hold on to some dignity at a tough time in their lives.

Making a difference isn’t always about the money – in fact, no money changes hands at all in this program. Gently used clothing goes from people who don’t need it any more to people that do, without embarrassment.  Goodwill hires and trains people that have a tough time in the traditional job market, helping them to become more productive participants in their community.


If you can afford to support one of our programs financially, feel free! We are grateful for your time, talent or treasure.  All donations go to work on problems right here in our community!