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Meals program
Meals/ Soup Kitchen
Our Soup Kitchen serves breakfast, hot lunch and sandwiches for dinner.
Amazing Grace Food Pantry
Food Pantry
Our Amazing Grace Program provides a choice of groceries for Middletown families once every 30 days.
Community assistance
Our Outreach Program at 617 Main Street helps people to meet immediate and long term needs.
Supportive Housing
Case management and support housing services.
Founded in 1980 by the Sisters of Mercy and the Catholic Diocese of Norwich, St. Vincent De Paul meets the needs of the poor and homeless in greater Middletown, Connecticut. A four-pronged mission, St. Vincent's provides nutritious meals through our community Soup Kitchen and connects people to basic support services and emergency funds through our Community Assistance Program. We also operate the Amazing Grace Food Pantry and a Supportive Housing Program serving individuals with disabilities.
Soup Kitchen
617 Main St., Middletown, (860) 344-0097
Meals: Monday through Saturday
7 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Sunday dinner (5-6)
Drop-off Food Donations: Monday through Saturday, 7 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.
Amazing Grace Food Pantry
16 Stack St., Middletown, (860)-347-3222
Shop for Food: Monday, Wednesday, Fridays
1 p.m. to 4 p.m. and Saturdays 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Drop-off Food Donations: Monday, Wednesday, Fridays 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. and Saturdays 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Soup Challenge

Crossing the Street Art Show

Both of Abby Carter's expressive pencil portraits and her larger oil interpretations of the Soup Kitchen's guest regulars were viewed Thursday October 6th at two spaces that night, simply by Crossing the Street from 617 Main St. to 650 Main Street. Read more about the opening here.

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Soup Challenge
Smita Parekh brings her Indian food to share with guests at the soup kitchen around the fifth of each month to pay tribute to her late husband, Dr. Ashok Parekh. He passed away just a few months ago on June 5, 2016 and she's come in three times so far. "My husband preferred vegetarian so that is was I've been bringing in," Smita said with glistening eyes.

She and her husband moved to Middletown, Connecticut in 1979 when Ashok was accepted into the Psychiatry residency program at Connecticut Valley Hospital. For many years, Ashok had a private practice in Middletown and also worked at Elmcrest and Rushford. READ MORE »
Lydia Brewster, SVDM's Assistant Director for Community Services was recently honored by the Partnership for Strong Communities Rev. Richard Schuster Advocacy Award at the Reaching Home Dinner at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Cromwell.

While not originally from Middletown, Brewster has been serving the area's homeless population for more than 25 years and considers the city her adopted home. And, although she has made a world of difference in neighborhoods throughout the city, perhaps her greatest and most influential work has occurred in the North End. She has been at SVDM since 2010. Read more.
cal 211
People in the Central Connecticut area facing homelessness should call 211 for assistance. Read about the new system

Shine The Light Of Hope from Bill Maune on Vimeo.

Lyon & Billard Lumber Company
Huge thanks to Lyon & Billard Lumber Company, and our dedicated Amazing Grace Food Pantry volunteer Katie Lenehan for all they've done raising $4,361 and 453 pounds of food at Lyon & Billard Lumber Company's golf outing! We are serving about 1,000 families each month who come in for 3 days worth of nutritious groceries. We depend on good friends like you to help our neighbors!
Cooper Akins
Wow! Cooper-Atkins of Middlefield just donated OVER TWO TONS of food--- 5,098 pounds---to Amazing Grace Food Pantry! They've been helping out since 2012 and picked a perfect time to deliver as our shelves are low during the summer months. If you or your company or group would like to donate canned goods and/or fresh produce, please call Amazing Grace at 860-347-3222.
Pack a Pickup with Proteins
Brendan and Victoria were on their way to the Senior Prom at Middletown High and stopped by to show their support at Amazing Grace Food Pantry. Saturday was the Post Office food drive. Brendan is part of the youth group at his church. If you'd like to volunteer, call Kathleen at 860-346-3222
Pack a Pickup with Proteins
We thank members of St. Pius X Community Garden for designating their harvest of fresh produce to our Soup Kitchen. If you or your group would like to share what you grow, just bring your fresh fruits and veggies to the Soup Kitchen at 617 Main St. Middletown.
Pack a Pickup with Proteins
Employees at Direct Energy Solar of 54 Tuttle Place, Middletown got creative if not a little messy as they raised $290 for St. Vincent de Paul recently. Event coordinator Paul Hogan sold them balloons filled with paint and encouraged them to hurl them (via slingshot) onto this giant canvas! Thank you, Direct Energy Solar! Do you have a unique way to raise funds and awareness for SVDM that we can share with our folks? Please contact Tanja, 860-344-0097 x13.
Helping Hands Club in East Hampton
Hooray to Helping Hands Club in East Hampton (children in grades 1-3) for their great gifts! They made 10 blankets and several beautifully decorated bags filled with pillows, toiletries, homemade cookies, and other snacks. If you or your group would like to donate items, check out our items needed page.

Birthday Hall of Fame Donors

Here's another great kid who asked for non-perishable food items instead of birthday gifts and then donated them to St. Vincent de Paul.

Thank you to Kasen Mehta of Middlefield, who just turned 11 and donated over 150 items of food he received instead of birthday gifts and a $100 of his birthday money to people in need! This is the second year Kasen has done this. His friend Tatum Hultgren, 10, also of Middlefield, helped Kasen bring in the items.
Last year, Alex of Middletown started this great idea when he donated his "birthday gifts" to the hungry. What a great example these kids are making to help others less fortunate in our community! Instead of gifts, why not have your friends bring food items to your next party for Amazing Grace Food Pantry? Call Kathleen or Charles for to arrange drop off or pick up! 860-347-3222
Lydia Brewster
Congratulations to SVDM's Lydia Brewster for earning The Carol E. Walter Think, Be, Lead Change Award at the 2016 Annual Training Institute, Connecticut's premier capacity-building event for organizations working to prevent and end homelessness. The award recognizes outstanding achievement in the field of homeless or housing services.
617 Main Street
Middletown, CT
PH: (860) 344-0097
FAX: (860) 343-0023
St. Vincent De Paul is a nonprofit, 501 (c ) (3) charitable institution. We rely on foundation and corporate grants, and contributions from individuals and groups in the community.
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